Friday, February 24, 2006

Solo of the Week 9 - SHE

SHE - Step by step instruction

GuitarRecordings website with this solo in tablature

This is a cool song off the Dressed to Kill album.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Solo of the Week 8 - Love Her All I Can

Love Her All I Can - Step by step instruction

GuitarRecordings website with this solo in tablature

This is one of my favorite tracks off of this CD. The guitar solo is fun to play, and once you get the hang of it's repetitive nature, one of the easiest.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Solo of the Week 7 - I Stole Your Love

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Solo of the Week 6 - Calling Dr. Love

Calling Dr. Love Solo with step-by-step instruction - WebLink for .mp3 and Tablature- If you subscribe to the PodCast (recommended) then you only need to visit the webLink above to view the tablature while listening to the podcast.

This is one of the most popular songs off of the Rock and Roll Over album from 1976. This song has a simple yet effective chord structure in the key of G using the VI, I, V, and II chords or the E,G,D,A.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Solo of the Week 5 - Hold Me' Touch Me

Hold Me' Touch Me Solo (Tablature) - Paul Stanley's Solo album remains one of my favorite KISS records. That's right I called it a record (since I still have every album on vinyl, and CD too.) This melodic solo has a lot of bends in it and the tonality is pretty cool. I don't know if Paul recorded this solo himself, or if it was one of Bob Kulick's (post your opinion), but either way it fits the song perfectly. It sounds simple, but takes a little practice.

Solo of the Week 4 - Rocket Ride (outro)

Rocket Ride (outro) .mp3 (Tablature) - This lick is from the Alive II album, and one of Ace Frehley's trade mark songs. Find your old MXR Phase pedal, and have at it!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Solo of the Week 3 - Video Lesson 1 - Warming up

Lesson 1 95MB Lesson 1 4MB (65kb) Lesson 1 7MB (256kb)

I have found that warming up properly helps my playing quite a bit. In this short video I cover some of my basic excercises. I like to start by just playing some basic rhythm pieces to get both hands moving, and then add in a 5-fret stretch to the rhythm. Next, I pick a scale that I like and play it through in one position. In the video, I use the key of G and play the C-lydian mode (start with the C-note on the low E string and play it across the strings to the C-note on the 13th fret of the B or 2nd string). I will also go past the ending B-note and play the next 3 notes on the 1st string. I play this across the strings in both directions and use alternate up and down picking. I will play the scale in note order 12345678, and in some variations such as 132435465768, and 123234345456567. Another good practice routine is to just play 4 notes from, say, frets 9-12 across all six strings in both directions. With all these exercises the key is to play them smoothly so that they sound like one long run, not having a lot of starts and stops in them. My warm-up routine usually takes about 2-3 minutes. Have fun and keep on rockin!

These are only a few exercises to get you ready to play. Experiment with different positions, scales, and note sequences to help improve you playing. And most of all, have fun!

This file is about 35MB, so best that you have a high speed connection. I will be putting up smaller files for other items, so if you don't have a high speed connection, please keep checking back.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Solo of the Week 2 - Rock Bottom (intro)

Rock Bottom - Recording was done with two guitars in Cakewalk Home Studio using a J-Station amp modeler.
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